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We believe that the local Church fully devoted to Jesus is one of the most powerful agents for good in our world. Calvary SLO is a community which actively trains people to live as disciples who represent Jesus in their families, workplaces and neighborhoods. As a community, we are committed to displaying God’s love both locally and internationally, through word and action, by alleviating suffering, doing good, and demonstrating the good news of God’s healing.

Starting #GivingTuesday thru December 31, 2017, we’re inviting all who have been impacted by Calvary SLO (past/present) to participate by investing (all tax deductible) in our endeavours for both the Central Coast and beyond. For those local to SLO, on Sunday, December 10th during our services, we’ll provide a unique opportunity to participate. We encourage those who will be in attendance to prayerfully bring their special gift.

This coming year, we’ve felt led to take bold steps of faith to trust God for some big strategic projects which include:

  • STAFFING/TRAINING POSITIONS: to invest more personally in our family of disciples/leaders
  • SPECIAL EVENTS/TRAININGS: to create more opportunities to equip/build-up disciples/leaders
  • FACILITY IMPROVEMENTS: to steward well the space we gather in, and conduct our services/trainings from
  • OUTREACH/MISSIONS: to fund special projects and travel, to equip/encourage the many missionaries we’ve sent out, and financially support (monthly) around the world

Our bold hope is to raise $120k to be released for God’s kingdom into 2018!



  • Pray for God’s blessing on our church family. Thank God for how He has used Calvary SLO in your life.

  • Pray for God’s wisdom as to what you can give. This will look differently for everyone, as some can give more, others less, each according to their means. (Acts 11:29)

  • Pray for God to move people’s hearts to give consistently and generously in the coming year. As a “not for profit” organization (501C3) we are dependent on you and others who contribute to our mission with consistency and generosity. We’re very grateful for all who financially support this mission.

Please pray about how to participate and be involved. God has given us a great calling and we are excited to join with Him in serving the Central Coast and advancing the Gospel around the world.

Grace + peace,
Pastor Bryan

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Calvary SLO

We are a community of people being transformed by Jesus, to love God, love others, and live on mission as participants of the gospel.

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